God Bless The Beatles

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What is Adopt-A-Beatle?
This is a creative idea an anonymous Beatle fan thought up, where people with web-sites can be linked together by adopting eachother's special Beatle pictures! Its cute, its fun, and it dazzles up any Beatle web-site.
How do I Adopt-A-Beatle?
Its simple! Just select the Beatle you would like to 'adopt' and save his picture onto you computer. Then, upload the picture to your page and make it link back to where you adopted it. For example, if you wanted to adopt a *GBB* Beatle, you would link the picture back to this page.
Am I allowed to adopt more than one?
YES! Every Beatle needs a home, and your welcome to adopt as many as you like.
After I adopt my Beatle, then what?
Fill out the form on the bottom of the page! Answer all the quick, easy questions so I know where my babies are going.

Below is a selection of *GBB* Adopties! Have your pick at your favourite(s), then fill out the form.

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