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God Bless The Beatles
The Beatle Princess, Herself

Now for everyone's favourite portion of the site, the Beatle Princess, Herself! And that title would go to ME! So here's a little page about me, and for your viewing delight, some sample modeling shots.

A Little History:
My name is Sabrina and I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. At heart, it is still my only (and true) home but as for the time being, I now reside in Texas. I am 15 years old, and have been Beatle obsessed for 5 years now, having been introduced to the lads by my best friend, Abby (and not my parents, like most people my age who like the Beatles). I enjoy art in all its forms (painting, sketching, etc.), photography, writing, and grouping around a Beatles Tribute band called the British Invasion. I spend my summers in Florida, always coming back with new fond memories and I plan to go to college there and study psychology, photography, and fashion (my big interests).

Talents? I love singing, but never in front of audiences (I shy up very quickly!). One thing thats really cool is that if I hear a person sing long enough, I can adopt their singing voice and mimic them perfectly. I can sing almost identically like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Karen Carpenter.

This is me as a RED head! I had the intention of looking like Jane Asher but got more of a modern vogue look. Even though these are *silly* pictures, I just *love* the flip. Those things are hard to do! It takes time, patience, hair curlers, a curling iron, hair-dryer, and a helluva lot of HAIRSPRAY to perfect *the bubble flip*.

Here I am with a SHAG haircut, teased, and brushed foward. I like that hair cut a lot but when you finally cut it short, is when your ready to go back long again! Anyroad, the quality of my shag pics aren't the greatest since I took the pictures myself.

*The Girl of a Million Faces*
Just by viewing this page you can well-plainly see how fickle I am about my *look*. Theres no way around it: I love change. I like to experiment with hair cuts, hair colors, self-tanners, make-up, and fashion. Wow, I'm such a girl! But its true that these categories facinate me. But if theres one thing I'm not, its VAIN. I can't stand seeing girls check themselves out constantly in the mirror. Vain is the devil! lol.

My Pet Peeves:
I hate it when people steal things from my web-site. Its one of my biggest pet peeves! My mission in creating a site, was to have a place where big fans like myself could be entertained and amused by something we share in common. To love the Beatles, and laugh at them! I put so much effort, time, and money into making my web-site, with no income or anything like that. The reward for my hard work: the guestbook! Thats where I can read that the site really is making people happy, and to make someone happy for even the briefest moment, is worth my while! :-) But when I see all those pictures I've scanned myself used on various places, it makes me sad and sometimes angry. They usually don't even have the decency to ask me first or credit my page. And these days, its not only pictures, but ideas that are stolen too. That one bugs me. But all in all, I think this site will still stand-out even among the copying ones!

A big hobby of mine is collecting Beatles memorabilia. Some of my favorite items to buy are Beatle dolls; they're so cuddley and cute! I have an inflatable Paul doll ('66), a Hamilton Paul doll ('90s), a Paul Remco Doll ('64), a George Remco Doll ('64), and many more! I also have some AWESOME pieces in my huge collection. Besides commemortive plates, posters, pins, jewelry, radio, Beatle telephone, lunchboxes, dress fabric, '60s magazines, albums, stand-ups, cards, lithos, gold albums, and Beatle bears: I have some personal Beatle stuff! There's the infamous "letter from George + pin" (check out the page "As I Write This Letter"). There's some chippings off the actual Magical Mystery Tour bus (by me, of corse). A swatch of...get this...John Lennon's BATH TOWEL!!! Used by John from 1964-1968. It came off of Sotheby's auctions submitted from Cynthia Lennon herself. Then, there is my prized jewel: John Lennon's AUTOGRAPH! Its in the picture, though blurry. I got it for my birthday at a VERY expensive price, but it was worth it and I love it to death. Its a card signed circa 1963. I have it framed, matted, picture and all on my bedroom wall. Beautiful!

Movies: "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Charade", "Funny Face", "The Seven Year Itch", "Some Like It Hot", "Hairspray", "Blonde", "The Audrey Hepburn Story", "Backbeat", "A Hard Day's Night", and "The Beatles' First Visit to the US".
Actor/Actress: Stephen Dorff / Marilyn Monroe
Quotes: "Boooooy, is it hot in here?" - Lucy
"Money is the devil." - Lloyd from "Undeclared"
"Baaaa." - G. Harri from "Help!"
"A fiendish thing-y!" - G. Harri also from "Help!"
"Don't cane me, sir, I was led astray!" - John Lennon
"It taste like burning!" - Ralph
"The most important thing in your life is to be happy." - Audrey Hepburn.
"I had a word with Van Gogh last night. He said if he could do it all again he'd be down here shaking his bottom to 'Blue Suede Shoes.' I gave him your regards." Ian Hart as Lennon in "Backbeat".
"Its all d*ck." - Ian Hart as Lennon.
"How can you be such an @sshole?"
"Practice." - Sheryl Lee (Astrid) and Ian Hart (Lennon) in "Backbeat".
"Isn't it delicious?" - Marilyn Monroe
"Thank you ever so!" - Marilyn Monroe

You Can Call Me (Nick-Names):
Sanibra (My British friends call me that!)
La Principessa! (Italian for 'The Princess')
Angel-Face (I always thought that one was cute)
Miss Lennon
Miss Charlie (*sigh*)
The Beat-Chick!
...or the infamous...
*That Girl From 'God Bless the Beatles'*

Role Models:
Audrey Hepburn! I think she was one of the most beautiful, charming, and graceful women of our time. She had such unique poise and I admire all her movies, and her as an incredible human being.
Twiggy. Being interested in modeling, Twiggy's a big inspiration to me. Twig was so cute with her spray of freckles and tiny figure. She is definantly my favourite model.
Astrid Kirchherr. I look up to Astrid as an aesthietic woman, and wonderful photographer. It is her early photography that has defined the look of the Beatles early years.
I also admire Elizabeth Hurley, Marylin Monroe, Goldie Hawn, Pattie Boyd, Olivia Hussey, Veruschka, Sharon Tate, Claudia Cardinale, and Jean Shrimpton.

Besides the Beatles, who does the Beatle Princess find irresistably adorable?
Stephen Dorff! I am ga-ga for this man! He is the sexiest man of this generation. I could look at him for hours...
Charlie Hunnam! Ooooh baby! Sexy British accent, sweet face, full lips. He's a stud. Watch him Tuesday nights on FOX in "Undeclared". I also like Chris Kattan and Jimmy Fallon from "Saturday Night Live"

Songs I Will Always Love:
"The Girl From Ipanema" - Frank Sinatra
"Come and Get It" - Badfinger
"Cross the Mercy" - Gerry and the Pacemakers (I think)
"Here With Me" - Dido (or is it Diddo? I'm bad with names!)
"These Boots are Made For Walking" - Nancy Sinatra
"Catch the Wind" - Donovan
"How Long Has This Been Going On" &
"Moon River" Both songs sung by Audrey Hepburn.
"For All We Know" - Karen Carpenter
"From a Lover to a Friend" - Paul McCartney
"My City Of Ruin" - Bruce Springsteen
"The Times They Are A-Changing" - Bob Dylan
"Dream A Little Dream of Me" - The Mamas and the Papas

I got Pattie Boyd bangs! You'll be able to see them, once I photograph the new look.
Hair Color (Up to Date): Original Color (Dark Brown) lightened by various blonde high-lights
Eye Color (Up to Date): Green
The look of two springing models is forever changing, but me especially. With todays technology, my hair and eyes are never the same! Thinking of going blonde. Any thoughts?

"The Swinger"
(December 2001)

'Astrid Kirchherr' Style Shoot
(Early September)

All pictures with our image are our Copyrights! You may not reproduce them anywhere, unless granted our permission. Model Scout? Interested? We do our own poses, and photography using my expensive camera.