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Smile for Johnny!
God Bless The Beatles


How could you sum up John Lennon? Intellectual, ingenious, out-spoken, the over-used cliche *witty*, facinating, controversial, universal, charming, charismatic...John had it all. There was an essence about John, a very unique air about him that made John KING. King of the Beatles, fantasy of the females, and rocker to the PLANET. He never ceases to amaze, seduce, and even at times, confuse you. That is why we at *GBB* love him. Never in a million years could you replace John Lennon. Never.

"Festive" © Sabrina Nelson

"Imagine" © Sabrina Nelson










Out of consideration to all the work I've put into scanning, editting, and adjusting these pictures, I request you please not use them on your site. A special thanks to Sexy Beth for a few of the images. All hail Beth.