Huggable Horhay
God Bless The Beatles

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Horhay...its our American way of pronouncing Jorge (George) in Spanish. Heh heh. But the name fits! When George Harrison and Pattie Boyd met, they really showed the world what being in love was all about. Photographers accompanied them on their honeymoon to take pictures of the happy newlyweds, and these pictures turned out to be some of the sweetest things. A little interesting cliff-note: George never really asked PATTIE to marry him. They had been dating for two years and in 1966 George decided it was time. First, he turned to manager Brian Epstein for his blessing. "We were just motoring along [to Brian Epsteins party] listening to the radio when suddenly he very calmly told me he loved me and wanted us to get married. I think I just said yes or some such nonsense, but believe me, inside I was doing cartwheels. We really were very much in love." Pattie remembers. Many Beatle fans supported their marriage considering girls at the time looked up to Pattie as a role model. Others were not so thrilled at the idea and were more jealous than envious. Especially, you guessed it, us Americans. Says Pattie about fan mail, "The letters upset me a lot. They were really nasty and said awful things, especially from the states." Crude letters weren't the only disadvantage to being George's girlfriend at the time. "They were doing their Christmas show at Hammersmith...I scraped my hair back so that I would look completely different and no one would recognize me. I don't know how anyone did, but a few did and started punching me." comments Pattie. She goes on to say how the attackers were quite young girls (12 maybe 13) and they were just brutal. She actually punched one back! Still, other fans were more curious than rude, like the apple scruffs outside the Harrison home. "But I can't get over the fans always hanging round the house, even now...They got into our bedroom the other day and stole a pair of my trousers and George's pajamas." LOL! Lucky fan. Even through all the harrassment Pattie put up with, she stuck by George's side all the way through 1977. I've thought it over myself and wondered, "If I were alive back then, I wonder how I would have reacted to Pattie." Now I know some of you may think right away, "Yeah, quite bitter I'm sure. We've read your jolly remarks about Peg!" HA! That's different in the sense that Heather...isn't all quite there. But Pattie was an adorable, sweet, and intelligent woman unlike OTHERS. She knew what the Beatles were all about, and I bet at least SHE could name a Beatle song or two. I guess if I had been around back then, I would have looked up to Pattie. I sure do today, which only leaves me to believe I would back then too. She and George were very happy, and VERY affectionate. He was quite the huggable Horhay! Am I the only one who would LOVE to hug little Georgie? I could imagine he would be quite small framed since he's so darn thin. But he's got a little muscle on him and he's SOOOO very attractive. Enjoy these shots of someone who DID get to hug George (...among other things with George).

NOW whose your favorite Beatle?

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