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Lady Redhead

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Short Bio:
She was the one that got away. The one that broke loose from a Beatle's grasp and pursued her own career, life, and future. Her name was Jane Asher. In 1963, Jane was given the opportunity of a lifetime: to meet and interview the Beatles. She was only 17 at the time, and her goal was to write an article on a Beatle concert, representing the modern teens of the era. Jane's favorite Beatle was George, but it was Paul who took an instant liking to her. The two started dating for many years, often mistaken for being "secretly married" or "engaged to be wed". Five years into their relationship, Jane came home only to find her fiance` in bed with Francie Schwartz, notorious Beatle fling. Devastated by Paul's infedelity, Jane ended it. Even before discussing it with Paul, she announced live on tv that the engagement was off.
Jane Asher spent most of her public career labelled as "Paul McCartney's girlfriend" though there was much more to her than that. She was a British actress who appeared in many minor roles, her biggest, being the 1966, "Alfie" with Michael Caine. She never really made it in the big leagues but there was no doubt, she had the talent for it. In the years after her relationship with Paul, Jane strived to form her own life, that shunned mentions of the Beatles and those days. She wasn't a part of it anymore, and Jane only wanted to be recognized as Jane Asher, the woman; not Jane Asher, the Beatle's ex-girlfriend. Unlike *others* who wrote smutty books revealing personal topics regarding Paul (and we won't mention any names), Jane wrote many novels and cookbooks. These days, she owns a cake shoppe in England, and lives a quiet, secluded life away from all the publicity and reporters.


Her Look:

Jane Asher was living in a decade when eyes were painted dark with liner, and false lashes became the ultimate beauty accessory. But Jane however, stepped back from the common trend and her look defined pure simplicity. She wore the lightest of make-up during a beauty revolution, which was a bold statement for any girl captured in the eye of the media. Jane's make-up was usually just a little dust of blush with maybe a touch of black eyeliner. For movie roles, her make-up changed and even transformed her into a more glamorous, young lady, at times. But make-up wasn't trully necessary for Jane was blessed with natural beauty. And needless to say, her head was crowned with the much-envied *RED* straight hair, a look often mimiced by many teen girls who longed to look like Paul's leading lady. In order to achieve Jane's natural straight hair, girls went as far as ironing their curly locks (something we at *GBB* do not highly recommend). With her fair white complextion and dazzling red hair, Jane was a rare, sweet beauty worthy of gracing the spotlight, more than she ever really did.


In this rare shot, we can see a splash of '60s lighting up her ellegant face. A thick run of black eyeliner with the pale matte lips was all it took to create such a simple, attractive look.


Part of Jane's British charm came from those fun, lovable bangs (or "fringe", as they say in England). Long, curled in bangs in front with longer straighted locks on the side was Jane's trademark. This style was also worn by all the first wives, during the swingin' '60s.


The back of Jane's hair was brushed back, and teased at the crown to create a fuller, more lively style. You can re-enact this look yourself, with some back-combing and hairspray.


A perky Jane sports a sweet smile, with that luminous twinkle in her eye.


The deep blues eyes and brilliantly colored hair is a real eye-catcher. If you are looking to invest in some color contacts and hair dye, remember this look is NOT for the timid. Only those who enjoy flirtatious looks and being the center of attention will suit this sassy modèle.


Jane compliments her hair with this innocent, floral print minidress, with a retro black trim. I really admire the purity of her sense of dress. Always casual but trendy, and never provakative and sensual. Also, I'm really digging the face-framing layers in her hair. It's a very cute touch.


Jane poses for a magazine article on redheads (above). How could anyone not adore that color? It's gorgeous, simply, gorgeous.


When I first layed eyes on this picture, I couldn't believe it was the same Jane Asher! This only goes to show what the wonderful world of make-up can do for a girl! She looks amazing in this picture. And don't you wish you could look that good? Oh wait, now you can...


    Recreate "Glamour Jane"
Now, *you* can look like the amazingly gorgeous picture above, using our step-by-step make-up tips. Remember, I am basing these instructions by very careful observations and experimenting on myself, only to bring you the closest to accuracy! Play around, have fun, and try it out! You may be very pleased with the results. And don't forget, practise makes perfect! Do not feel discouraged if you make a mistake; after all, that's what make-up remover is for. Time is an important element when giving yourself a make-over so never rush to finish. With these things in mind, let's get started.
1) In this particular photograph, Jane amazes us by her blemish-free, healthy skin complextion. Because its common that NO ONE has skin this fortunate, we'll begin by dotting concealer under the eyes, chin, and any visible blemishes. Blend well, and evenly. Next, I apply a liquid foundation lightly, over my entire face and blend outwards. This step is to make sure any discolorations or pimples are clearly out of sight. To create Jane's matte finish, pat on a loose face powder.
2) From here, I move on to the eyes (my favorite feature to work with). Apply a tan-beige eye shadow over the entire lid, using a medium-sized eyeshadow brush.
3) We will work our way from top to bottom, now. Take a dark brown eyeshadow and darkly apply a thin line just slightly above the crease of your eyelid. This will make the illusion of larger eyes. You may also find it easier to use a dark brown eyeliner pencil when shading the crease. If this appears to dramatic for you, you have the option of blending the heavy line, using upward motions (but keep it still dark and noticable).
4) I use black (noir) liquid eyeliner to draw a thick line directly above (and in between) my lash line. It should start from the inner-most corner of your eye and end slightly extended past your natural lash line, with a winged tip.
5) For our next step, I highly recommend a full set of false lashes! But nowadays only the *real* dedicated '60s birds have their own pair. So, if you *don't* have them, many coats of full+long mascara will suffice.
6) Ready for some fun? Olive green eyeliner, baby! This forest green shade (liquid or pencil) outlines the bottom lid in a thick line. Remember to pencil in the inner-rim of your bottom lid. Study picture above for best results.
7) Now that the eyes are finished, we can graduate to your *lips*. Take a pink-fleshy toned lip liner and *over draw* your smackers. Draw your lips fuller and pouty, like Jane's (above).
8) With a lighter lipstick shade, use a soft, pearly pink to fill in your lips.
9) A golden lip gloss gives Jane's lips that irredescent glow as a finishing touch.
10) Finally, our last step, is the smallest dust of browny colored blush. Highlight under the cheek bones (diagonally) and the tip of your chin.