God Bless The Beatles
Cuddle Pudge

The Beatles, FAT? Not likely! But there were those times when they had CUDDLE PUDGE: *GBB Dictionary* Cute fat!

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In 1964, those lads were cute, perky and thin as a band of four male Twiggy's! But over time, they picked up some pudge that no girl could resist - Cuddle Pudge. Paul's puffy cheeks, John's pudgy face, Ringo's little tummy, and God help you if you can find any fat on Georgie! They even said John went through his "Fat Elvis" stage in 1965 (awww). But that didn't stop girls from swooning over the not-so-fit fab four! We loved 'em then and we love 'em now. So without further adeu, feast your eyes on the beautiful, the charming and the PUDGE!

And who is this chunky monkey? None other than our little Paulie! The Pudgey Paulie was only 7 years old in this picture.

A cheeky monkey! (Literally)

Who would have known, our Paulie - the Fat Kid.

Time to pick on someone else. Ringo, the double-chin gives you character, you cute darling!

Meet Ringo's chin. Pudge and pudgey.

A teenage Paul with his teenage chickmunk cheeks.

Paul shows off his rolls to the other lads.

1966 - John's "Fat Elvis" stage still in effect.


Pyramous - the Fattie


John, the Porkster


Look everyone! Its the Polk-Pig! Awwww.

Its Fatsy Cline.

May I Present to You...the Fat Four
(God Bless Cuddle Pudge)

A special thanks to *JENN* the fatless wonder!