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To our misfortune, there have been no released video tapes called "Beatles Gone Wild" or "Hot Spring Break Sorority Beatles". Damn. But who knows? The lads have been video-taped and photographed in nearly everything they've done so maybe one summer, APPLE will release some unseen footage of flashing Beatles (that is, once they've run out of products to slap a picture of the Beatles image on). But wouldn't that make one hell of a great movie? Oh wait...I spoke to soon. As it turns out, John the head-Beatle slut, created his own independent, home-made movies with a range of MANY topics. One of which was suppose to focus on John's manly pride as Yoko tried to...and failed at...stimulating him. Her attempts were unsuccessful (now why could this be?) and John had to be distributed the handy help of a magazine to complete his short-film. Charming. Now, exactly where can I rent this movie? No idea. But it does exist! Perhaps hidden away in the Yoko-Secret-Vault (along side with a pair of tweezers and a pamphlet from one of those dang Jehovah's Witness). Its a pity that never in George's lifetime was he inspired to make his OWN private short-films (or that we know of. I'm looking at you, Olivia.). I don't doubt Paul will if he hasn't already. You know Paul. Always the center of attention ("Oh my G, Driving Rain didn't sell and I don't know what to do! Geoff...take this down on paper, for I've a plan! I shall go-eth on tour and charge a minimum of $80 per ticket. Yes, thats what I shall do!"). As for Ringo's inner-whore, I think he's not too modest when it comes to the ballfield arena (you  twisted nit, that wasn't a pun!). Hmmm, do I recall a certain Ringo-Wingo telling a certain Howie-Wowie "I'm the biggest!" I'll quote a wiseman when I say, "Riiiiight." To this day, we don't have any Sorority Beatle films...yet. But *GBB* won't fail you! Here is another Ladies' Man Production of a picture-film we have made ourself. We call is Sorority Beatles! Enjoy...< /DIV>

"Baby Cakes Lennon"
The woman-swooning smooth talker.

"Baby Face Macca"
The sexy, sassy secret-agent.

"G. Harri: The Ladies' Man"
The lover to all the ladieeees.

"Loose Lips Starkey"
"I'm the biggest! I...I...I swear!"