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Splish Splash
God Bless The Beatles

When the Beatles went to Florida (my home!) in 1964, they met up with some gals along the Miami coast and spent a lovely evening at the beach with them. Those lucky broads. But in a way, better them than me - could you imagine how hard it would be to NOT stare at the lads in those bootylicious bikinis?! Quite hard. And how the girls managed not to remain "obvious" is beyond me. Ahhh, there is nothing quite as beautiful as our lads hittin' the pool side (that is, unless they're hitting the shower!). We got a glimpse of wet Beatles in their film "Help!" as they swam to the surface of the pool. Their hair was plastered to their faces and it was so cute! Perhaps not as cute as the picture of Paul in the bath (above), but cute all the same. Check out these hotties, and feel the wrath of the SEXINESS!!!


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