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God Bless The Beatles
Admit It!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can say whatever you want but I know better. Many, if not all of you girls reading this, are guilty of being one. Being what, you ask? A Beatle Slut. You heard correctly: I can proudly say that I'm a Beatle Slut. Though filthy as it sounds, its not all that bad. In fact, you should take PRIDE in your Beatle sluttyness. It shows good taste. Better you be a Beatle Slut than an NSYNC Skank or a Backstreet Ho. Beatle Sluts Rule!!! Take this simple quiz to determine if you've got what it takes to be one. Write down the letter answer to each question and keep it handy. You'll need it later when you're figuring out how you rank on the scale of Beatle Sluts. Good luck!

Multiple Choice
1) Your idea of a good Beatle read:
a. "In His Own Write" by John Lennon
b. "The Complete Beatles Chronicle" by Mark Lewisohn
c. Any teeny-bopper magazine from the 1960s
d. "Body Count" by Francie Schwartz
2) You are more likely to rewind and rewatch:
a. AHDN scene: John in the bath
b. HELP! scene: The Beatles sleeping in their beds.
c. HELP! scene: The Adventures of Paul on the Floor
d. BFV to the US: The train sequence
3) Out of these, which is your most favored *GBB* page:
a. Baby Beatles
b. Up Close and Personal
c. The Lost Strawberry Field
d. Huggable Horhay
4) You hear a Beatle song at your local grocery store. How are you more likely to respond:
a. Scream! What great timing.
b. A quick squeal of delight. Your favorite band.
c. Mouth the words to yourself as you sing along.
d. Point it out to whoever is around that its the Beatles.
5) Your favorite thing about the Beatles in ALL:
a. The music, baby.
b. The movies, baby.
c. Their looks and their music.
d. Appearance! Those boys are dead sexy.
True or False
1) You have dreamed about the Beatles at least once.
2) You very much envy your favorite Beatle's wife.
3) As the ending of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" comes along, you crank up the volume to hear George's moans and cries ("Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!").
4) You're listening to Paul's first solo album "McCartney" and you've gotten to the very last song, "Kreen-Akrore" (whatever the hell that is). This is the song where Paul plays a long and exhausting drum bit. You can hear him huffing and puffing, panting and whimpering. You MUST listen to this part at least twice.
5) Back to the Adventure of Paul on the floor (a`la "HELP!"). You find yourself rewinding and watching this part in slow motion as Paul drops the Spearmint wrapper (or when he's sitting indian style in the ash tray).

Time to see how you measure up as a Beatle Slut! Make sure you have all your answers written down on something before you go any further. To continue, click the picture of George above.