God Bless The Beatles
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The Beatle Taj Mahal

The REAL home of The Sexy Beatles!

Roll uuuuup! Roll up for the Mystery Tour! Welcome to a special tour of the one and only Beatle Taj Mahal, that is my ROOM. I have spent years collecting Beatle junk to plaster over the walls or decorate dressers, turning an ordinary bedroom into an extroadinary Beatle Sanctuary. Wall space is running out quickly but that won't stop me! Should I ever move, once the room is cleaned of all Beatleness, the only remains will be the many tack-wholes and old tape stains. Wow, what a legacy. Now! Let's begin the tour!


Here is the wall above two beds (my sister and I sleep in the same room). Starting from the left, we have a gold record of "Revolver" in a beautiful display frame. To it's right, (top) is an adorable pull-out poster circa 1977. I got it from a rare magazine made in the '70s though the picture was taken many years before. The Beatles pose in their Shakespearian costumes...quite cute. A little secret to that poster: its torn to shreds! You heard correctly. It was very delicate when I carefully unstapled it from the magazine. I lied it gently on the bedspread and looked it over. Only seconds later, my 132 lb. pig of a dog, Caleb, came tearing into the room, jumped on the bed, and completely demolished my new piece! AAAHH!!! Devastated, I tried to make the best of it. I got some scotch-tape and got to work, taping the poster from the back-side. In the end, I actually fixed it and from the front, it looks good as new! Now, below this poster, is my baby Paulie poster. I admit, he looks completely stupidified in this picture with a dumb-ass expression on his face, but its simply adorable! Last but not least is a poster advertising my favorite movie of all time, "Backbeat". Its a promotional poster with some gorgeous photos of everyone's favorite Stephen Dorff.


A loverly view of the walk-way into my humble Beatle shrine. Beatles Beatles Beatles! If you look to the far right, you'll see four seperate Beatle portraits. These were made in 1964 by a company called Resco, and they're quite fab! I spent $50 on the set, which in the world of Beatles memorabilia, is an awesome steal!


A dead-on shot of the main entrance. I apologise for the dreadful glare, but you get the idea. What a lovely thing to see every morning on your way out of the house: John's lovable side-burns in action. Paul's "peek-a-booing" cuteness. Ringo's equally ridiculous 'burns. And George being sexier than life itself.


To your left, my beautiful collage of Beatle cards! This thing is HUGE! I took card-holding sheets, taped them together, and filled them in with my favorite Beatle cards. Putting it up on the wall was quite a process! The thing was so big and so heavy, it needed layer upon of clear masking tape to hold up. Not to mention, as the weather changes, the tape ends begin to peel and it has fallen down 2 or 3 times. Its pretty high maintenance keeping a room like this! 


Another wall goes Beatlified! I cut out the pictures from old calanders and taped them along the top rim off the wall. At the very end of the row is a portion of a '60s Beatle poster, cut out by a fan. The door in the middle leads to a walk-in closet, and is neatly arranged with a sheet of uncut Beatle dress fabric. Chic! In the very center of the room is the most treasure item of all. John Lennon's autograph! Framed and matted with a royal red velvet matting. How majestic!


From left to right: The Beatles "Let It Be", The Beatles 1963, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, the Beatles circa 1967-68, and the Resco portraits. Just a different perspective of the main wall.


Here is your first glimpse of the infamous Beatle dresser. But we will get to that later! This is a picture moving down the room. The Abbey Road boys continue down the path to the end of the wall; under them, a limited edition Beatles Hard Days Night lithograph.


Hmm, I'm not quite sure what that stripe down the middle of the poster is...looks like dirt on the camera lense or scanner. Anywho, I bought that one from a school catalogue a long time ago. Dont' ask! The point is, they look sexy! As always. That black blob on the right hand corner of the poster is a Ringo Cap! It is sitting on top of a Yellow submarine lava lamp (oOoOoOo). On the middle of that counter are my boys!  A set of 4 Hamilton dolls that value about well over $300.


The last bit of the main wall: A John rememberance poster and another prized possesion. A real swatch of John...Lennon's...bath...towel! It was auctioned off of Sotheby's by Cynthia Lennon herself. Used by John from 1964-1968. Four years compiled of John's juicy germs. Tee hee!


A close-up shot of the dresser! Awww, those widdle Remco dolls: Georgie Poo and Paulie Poo. Yellow Submarine snowglobe, Beatle bears, Beatle belt buckles, mirrors, pins, jewelry, stand-ups, stocking, blow-up doll, and much more. *BEST* dresser EVER.


...And even more Beatle Goodies!!

All photos on this page are   Sabrina Lennon, and are NOT for public use without my exclusive permission. Thank You!