Chapter Five


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"Hamburg Nights"

"Farewell lads. Good-bye!" Astrid called out to them
from the upstairs window. She had her head sticking
out the opened window and was waving cutely as the
guys piled up into a cab and drove away. I plopped
down on the twin bed and said to her, "That was fun,
wasn't it?" She pulled herself back in, and shut the
window. "Ya! They are fantastic fellows. I really
liked them. Very beautiful." She sat next to me, and
folded her legs on top of the bed. "Who was your
favorite?" I asked her, curiously. She bit her lip,
and giggled. "I liked them all. George was well-spoken
and so cute and youthful looking. Paul was charming
and had a sweet face. John was pretty deep even though
he coud come off as a little perverse."
I lied down comfortably adding, "And Stu?" She turned
red and glances down at her hands. "Stu was my
favorite." She answered quietly. This surprised me.
"Why?" I asked, now intrigued. She shrugged saying, "I
don't know. He's a real artist, you know? Its just
appealing to me. I like him a lot. His personality,
his shyness, his -"
"Looks!" I chimed in. She laughed. "Well yes, he was
an attractive man but there was more to it than that.
He just seemed like the kinda guy you would want to
know more than the rest. Know what I mean?"
I nodded. "Yes, very much." I paused then added, "He
kissed me." Astrid's eyes widened in delight and she
cried, "What?! When?"
"In the kitchen. And the attic."
"Oh my! Really? What happened? Trixi, you must tell me
all about it! Don't leave me to ponder it, I need the
facts. Come! Tell!" She was solicious and eager to
know. I began to explain. "We were talking in the
kitchen and it just kinda led there. He told me to say
what I was thinking and I just spat out 'I want to
kiss you.' Just like that! I couldn't believe I'd said
it moreless knew why. But I had...and he kissed me for
it. Then we went into the attic later on, and he
kissed me again twice more. It was rather...romantic.
Oh Astrid! I shouldn't be doing this to myself, should
I? Getting all involved again. It happens everytime.
Just one simple kiss and I fall in love all over
again. Like putting a spell on me!" I sighed and gazed
up at her.

"Love will do that to you. Its like an irreversable
spell, that is, until you break up. Then its a
troublesome curse that follows you everywhere." She
put her hands in her lap and said, "I don't know if
you should start seeing him though." I sat up. "Why?"
I wanted to know. She scratched the back of her neck.
"Well um, I just kinda have a hunch on this one. I
think one of the other lads likes you."
"What?! Who?" I demanded. "I can't say. I don't want
to arrouse false hopes or tell you and end up being
mislead myself. All I can say is that one of
them...besides Stuart...looked very intrigued by you."
I raised an eyebrow. "I'm not settling for that
answer. Tell me! Who is it?" She just shook her head
and got up off the bed trying to avoid the
conversation. "I knew I shouldn't have brought it up!"
she murmured, nervously. I tagged along. "Come now,
Astrid. Who was it?" She bit her fingernail and shook
her head.

"Is it George?" I asked her. She shot me a look. "No!"
I shrugged. "Is it Paul?" Astrid went into the
bathroom, pretending she didn't hear me. I followed
her in and pressed, "Well is it Paul, then?" She shook
her head, "I'm not saying a word, not one word." I
burst into a smile. "Its Paul!" I cried. She began to
open her mouth before she caught herself. "Not one
word." She repeated. But she didn't have to say
anything more. I knew who it was. I remembered the
sweet looks Paul sent my way, and that perky grin he
had. It had to have been Paul.

"I know who it is now," I confirmed to her, "so will
you at least tell me what hinted it off to you?" She
squirmed awkwardly and said, "He just kept looking at
you and he wanted to follow you around a bit. The way
he looked at you, it was just...I don't know. I just
think he fancies you." I kind of half-smiled. Paul was
cute after all and it was flattering to think he might
fancy me. But it was Stuart I was after. Anyways, the
lads were coming over later that night near midnight.
John wanted a shower, as did the rest of the bunch but
I though John could have used it the most (his hair
was oily and untamed). I looked foward to seeing them
again. I also looked foward to painting the mural with
Stu. He promised we would do it sometime whenever he
could get off work. In the meantime, the boys would be
playing at all hours of the night in the Kaiserkellar,
Astrid would be buisy with her photography for a local
magazine, and me? I was working on a piece for the art
auction held by Loui Eienfrausse. Selling artwork
wasn't easy and everytime an art auction came round, I
jumped at the opportunity of submitting a painting.
Some represenatives of Loui came to the flat to view
some of my work and then agreed I could enter five
different pieces for the auction. If Eienfrausse
approved, they would be sold and I could reap the

In my latest painting, I was using a lot of
body-involved technqiues to create a personal and
appealing texture. Like smearing a black wash over the
abstract format using my hands and fingers. I even
used my feet as a media for touching up the red spots.
Astrid found in amusing when I used body-involved
techniques. But on the other hand, it looked really
neat when completed. My latest painting was not
completed yet. It was missing something and I wouldn't
settle for any less then what I felt I was capable of.
On the other hand, Astrid was always buisy in her
photography. She mostly photographed faces and
idealistic portraits. I'd seen her take pictures of
Klaus a million times. He had the face for it, though.

Night soon fell and I stood in my shower again,
washing my long thick hair and letting the water roll
down my body in streams of soapy liquid and shampoo. I
was humming to myself and relaxing under the warm
water. Our shower had its hot and cold days. In the
winter, it seemed nearly impossible to get any warm
water. One must wait for what felt like hours for the
stinging cold water to go warm. But tonight, the
temperature cooperated and it soothed the senses. I
heard the door opened and figured it was Astrid,
coming to wash her face and brush her teeth. I
massaged the foamy white puffs of shampoo into my
scalp and continued to hum. I heard the bathroom sink
turn on for a minute then go off. It sounded like
water being patted onto one's cheeks. I began to rinse
out the shampoo, thuroughly when I reached for the
conditioner then, to discover it wasn't there.

I could hear Astrid humming to herself as she washed
her face, and I asked her, "Can you hand me the
conditioner?" The humming stopped. I waited for an
answer but she was dead silent. "Astrid, the
conditioner." I repeated. Silence. My eyebrows arched
in dismay. Why didn't she answer me? "Fine, I'll get
it myself!" I groaned. I pulled open the curtain only
to be greeted by the shocked face of George Harrison,
standing in front of the sink with shaving cream on
his face! He stood speachless, looking compelled to
stare at my shivering body. I screamed, and pulled the
shower curtain closed. "What are you doing in here?!"
I cried. George swallowed down hard and answered,
"Shaving. What are you doing in here?" My mouth
dropped. "What does it look like I'm doing?! I'm
showering in MY shower!" He went pale and ruddy at the
same time, like a mixture or apprehension and
"How long have you been here?" I asked him. "I just
started shaving." He quirped. "No, how long have you
and the guys been here?" I rephrased. He pondered for
a moment, "Just a little while. I'm dreadfully sorry,
lass! I didn't mean to - I mean, I wasn't trying to -
er, I'm not a peeping Tom! Honest!" I felt my body was
trembling, now cold and uncomfortable. "I know, its
alright. Just...go. Please. Finish shaving in the
kitchen." That was it. He rushed out of the bathroom
in a heartbeat and into the kitched, his face still
thick with shaving cream.

"What gives, boy?" John said to him. "You look like a
bloody Santa Claus!" George fidgetted, and said, "I
kinda sar' Trixi in the buff while she was showering
by accident." John's eyes lit up. "You WHAT?!?" he
exclaimed. "I was shaving and she was showering and
she pulled open the curtain and - well, there she
was." John laughed. "Thats a hoot! Did she slap you?"
"She wasn't even that angry actually. Just sort of shy
and embarrassed. You know?" George went on.
"So you saw her tits?" John wanted to know. "John!"
Paul scolded. He turned to George and then added,
"Well?" George was still red but gave a small,
pleased, and proud grin answering, "Yes."
John hollered in delight. "Yeah! Thats what I'M
talkin' about." Paul couldn't help but smile, happy
for his little mate to have gotten an eye-full. "Good
job, mate!" He said to him. John continued, "So how
was she? Are her tight sweaters deceiving or not?"

Just then, Stuart walked into the kitchen and asked,
"Whats going on? What are you all hooting on about?"
John pointed to George, "He saw Trix's goodies in the
shower." Stuart's mouth dropped. "Y-you did?" he
asked, astonished. George nodded. Stuart paused then
asked, "Where is the shower?" George pointed to
upstairs and Stu ran up the steps. He stood outside
the door, biting his lip and contemplating.
"Oh, what the hell?" he said to himself and opened the door.

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