Chapter Seven


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"Hamburg Nights"

Within seconds, I felt the warmth of his penetrating tongue in my mouth. He was nibbling and sucking, performing more intimate than I would ever have expected. Who would have known little George Harrison, a real kisser? He was just a boy, just a kid but when he kissed, it was like a real man. I felt guilty and kissed very lightly back. I didn't want to upset Stuart. Still, I could feel his eyes burning a hole through George's lips. He watched intensely, looking intimidated and jealous. Stuart was biting his lip and glaring...harshly. I was smiling inside; after all, it was cute to see him get jealous. With this in mind, I was inspired to peeve him off even more. I wanted to see how close to the edge I could get him without going over-board. I bluntly opened my mouth and exerted my most powerful kiss. It wasn't a romantic
kiss by far, but more like the dirty kiss you see on a
late-night movie is a remote parking theater. It
wasn't even my style. But to glimpse at the growing
jealousy on Stuart's face made it all worth while. It
must have been torture to observe. What a devilishly
crude satisfaction to get from watching his envy. I
pulled back from George and smiled innocently. John
and Paul were staring, wide-eyed. "Damn!" John
exclaimed. "Lordy, Lordy!" Paul declared. Even George
looked a little stunned and impressed. As if he were
wondering who kissed who. Stuart put his arm around my
waist and pulled me right up against him. He looked
down into my eyes and whispered, "You're the devil." I
laughed and kissed him. He smiled back. No grudges
there. I could always count on Stuart to be true.
Thats why I loved him so much. More than anything.

"It'll be hard to top that one." George finally said.
John grinned evily and said, "It couldn't GET any
harder. How could any of us TOP that one?" Astrid
shrieked at his lewd remarks and hit John's shoulder.
"You naughty, naughty boy!" she cried. John's face
went naive. "Why Astrid, whatever are you talking
about? Geez guys, I think we have a pervert on our
hands here. That Astrid, boy I tell you what! She's a
kinky one." John teased. Astrid tilted her head and
quipped, "Cheeky!" John shrugged, "You have to love me
the way I am or not all. Sorry." She held John's hand,
"Yeah, I love you." They were only playing of corse.

George was looking over the circle of people, deciding
who would be the next victim. "Astrid, truth or dare?"
He asked her. She licked her lips. "Dare." George
pondered a minute. "I dare you to...kiss Trixi!" John
raised his hand. "I second that notion. C'mon girls,
chop chop. The night is young but we're not." My jaw
had dropped. "You bunch of perves! No!" I squealed.
John and Paul groaned. "Triiiixiiii! You're bumming us
out, lass! Don't be a stick in the mud. We wants some
action!" I shook my head. "Forget it! I've already
been snogged once already. Can't you boys use some
imagination?" They all sneared at me. "Yeah, but the
first time, we just wanted to see Stu get pissed...and
it worked. But now, we just want to take a mental
picture so we can remember AND think about it later."
John pointed out.

Astrid rolled her eyes. "Thats bits of information I
don't need to know." she confided. Pete Best had been
sitting quietly. He looked rather tired of our petty
games. I didn't care - I didn't like Pete much anyhow.
He was always off in his own world. Of the five lads,
he came over the least and spoke seldom. "If you'll
excuse me fellas', I'm going to bed." He said as he
got up. Stuart called out, "Now YOU are being the
stick in the mud." Pete glanced back at him. "You're
all childish." He then dismissed himself to the
reclining chair. "Don't mind Pete, he's just a queer."
John whispered. The lads all burst out laughing and
Pete called back, "I heard that!"

George turned to Astrid. "So?" he persisted. She
leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. John and Paul
groaned even louder. "What the hell was that?" John
snapped. Astrid just shrugged. "He didn't tell me HOW
to kiss her." John turned to George and wacked the
backside of his head. "Good job on that one, fool!"
George scratched the back of his head. "Ow!" Astrid
and I giggled.

John pushed himself off the ground. "Well if you girls
aren't going to play fair, I'm going to bed. 'Night,
broads." Paul followed him. "Yeah!" he added. I just
smiled, then stood up holding Stu's hand. "Ready for
bed, honey?" He asked. I nodded. "I could use some
rest." We walked into mine and Astrid's shared
bedroom. I changed into my nightgown: a short, black
robe. It was slick and silk and quite comfortable. I
slipped into bed and sat up waiting for Stuart.
"Trixi, I didn't bring anything to sleep in." I tilted
my head, sweetly. "So? Just take off your pants and
jacket, then you're set." He smiled, and proceeded to
do so until he was wearing nothing but his
boxer-briefs and a tight black under-tee. He Stu slid underneath the covers and lied
next to me. I felt an overwhelming happiness crawl
over me, as I cuddled up next to him. True, we had
made love once before. We had spent time together, and
gone on dates before. But never had we actually slept
together. He felt so warm, and cozy.

I placed my head on his chest again and listened to
his heart beat. It was just another Hamburg night. I
could feel him breathing soothingly, and I could smell
his misty cologne. It was sweet yet musky, and a good
smell. I liked it. I breathed in his shirt. It
definetly smelled like him. He had his arm enveloped
around me and his hand rubbing my back. I glanced over
to Astrid's bed. She and George were lying together,
facing opposite directions. I smiled. With no other
place left to sleep, they were paired up together.
Astrid surely didn't mind but George looked a little
bashful. He hugged his side of the covers. I looked
back and Stuart.

"Was he better than me?" Stuart asked softly. I
yawned. "What?"
"You know what I'm talking about. Was he a better kiss
than me?"
I giggled. "Oh Stuart! Of corse not. That kiss was
nothing. It was...late-night movie kiss. Not a
love-kiss." Stu nodded. "Good. I knew that." I agreed.
"Good." I yawned again, tiredly. He sunk his head into
the pillow. "Good night, sweetheart." I reached up and
kissed his lips. "Good night, my love. Sleep well."


I dazily opened my eyes as I felt my arm being
forcefully shaken. "Stu?" I mumbled, still half
asleep. "I need to talk to you." A voice said. I
rolled off of Stuart and rubbed my eyes. My vision was
hazey and I murmured, "What do you want?" The voice
was small and hesitant. Than, it said, "I think I'm in
love with you."

It was not Stuart.

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