God Bless The Beatles


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Girly Thoughts

*Ten* Things I Love About George



1) I love the way he pronounces his 'G's. Instead of just saying "song", George's says it like "song-uh". Its adorable!
2) I love George's teethy smile. You know the one. It's his giggling smile, the one he sports when he's amused.
3)  I love his thinness. The way he's so lean and small makes you just want to grab him and hug him!
4) I love George's eyebrows. They are so spontanious and wild. He definitely plucks them b/c they change all the time. It gives his face character.
5) I love his mustache! George was the only one who looked hot with a mustache. No, not the only Beatle. The only PERSON...ever!
6) I love George's lips. Eeeek! Oh baby, does he ever have the sexiest lips?! They are the perfect shape. So kissable looking.
7) I love his hair. He seemed to change it the most in various styles and lengths. In '64, it was quaint and clean-cut. '65: the Mushroom. '66: the Shag. '67: the Flip, '68: a mix of the 'shroom and the flip (look at the white album picture).
8) I love George's bad-ass attitude. I like the way he'll make fun of all the bull-crap he deals with. For instance, after Paul decided to sue the band, George wrote "Sue Me, Sue You Blues". When the "He's So Fine"/"My Sweet Lord" fiasco took place, George wrote, "This Song". Two very smart-ass songs! And I love 'em.
9) I love his mannerism. Oh sweet Jesus! The way he licks his lips, the way he tosses his hair, the way he shrugs his shoulders on a great guitar riff. Seeeeexy!
10) I love THE HARRISON. George's HARRISON. Also known as "the bulge". It is commonly seen in tight jeans, striped pants, or leather. Yeeeeeeaaaah.

*Ten* Things I Love About John


1) I love John's nose. Its long, and pointed with those two indentions on the sides. Very erotic. Very...British.
2) I love his persy lips. They are small and sweet, but very darling.
3)  I love John's fatness. Now, no use denying it. Our little Johnny boy wasn't always *little*. He put on some padding in 1965 but it only added to his charm. The "fat Elvis" stage was cute!
4) I love John's aesthetic side. He was such an artist and so misunderstood. His love for Yoko for just one big example of how he saw a different beauty that goes far beyond flesh.
5) I love his creativity. John wrote poems that really displayed what a mad genious is all about!
6) I love the a$$hole within. That egotistical ba$tard John could be. You know which one I'm talking about? No? Watch "Backbeat".
7) I love John's chest. Oh yeeeaaah. That built upper part and pudgey tummy. Mmmhhhmmm.
8) I love the "crippled hand"!!! That teasing "John-the-Retard" hand he pulled during shows.
9) I love the Lennon grrrRRRowl!
10) I love John's mystery. His wit, his spontaniousness. He was so unpredictable!

*Ten* Things I Love About Paul


1) I love Paul's soft songs. Every Beatle album has at least *one* of those soft songs that are so beautiful ("And I Love Her", "I'll Follow the Sun", "Here, There, and Everywhere").
2) I love his EYES! This is Paul's *big thing*. The main attraction, the eye-candy. They are so big and bright. Ooooh.
3)  I love the way Paul holds his cigarette.
4) I love when he laughs, those little "eye wrinkles" appear. Its so sweet!
5) I love Paul's cheeks.
6) I love his ego. He's so full of himself that you gotta love him for it! Almost 60 years old, and he still acts like he's hot stuff...though honestly, he is!
7) I love Paul's romantic side.
8) I love the way he winks ;)
9) I love how he acts innocent but everyone knows he's not.
10) I love Paul's cuddliness. Aaaaww.

*Ten* Things I Love About Ringo


1) I love Ringo's ridiculously plump lips. Who couldn't? They are huge! I bet he's an amazing kisser.
2) I love his sad, puppy-dog blue eyes. Awww.
3)  I love his crummy acting. LOL! They always say that he was the most talented actor among the group but I tend to disagree. Such scenes in AHDN come to mind. The train sequence, "Well if he's your grandfather, who knows? Ha ha ha." Yes, the fake laugh. Then, when Ringo "trips" into the tire on his long, and sad walk (I use the word "trip" very loosely. It was more like stepping INTO the tire!). Agree with me or not, its still cute how he's not as great as they say.
4) I love the way Ringo dances! Ha ha, remember in AHDN, "the Hop"?
5) I love Ringo's husky, mumbley voice.
6) I love his I'm-so-cool-I-can-pull-off-being-bald attitute.
7) I love Ringo's bloody nose! Yeah, bet you didn't see that one coming.
8) I love his cheeky grin. It amuses me.
9) I love Ringo's RINGS.
10) I love Ringo's interview with Howard Stern. "I'm the biggest!!!" Yeah you are, Ringo. Suuuure you are. :)