*Shopping Mod* (Spring 2003)
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*Shopping Mod* (Spring 2003)
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Mod is the look and it's here to stay. Every season, like it or not, designers are in awe of *mod*; it can be inclined in summer wear to fall fashions, from shift dresses to peacoats. You can't avoid it's ever-trendiness, and who could blame you? The *mod* was a look created and defined in the mid-'60s. It covered a wide variety of styles, but it commonly included mini dresses, geometric patterns, black and whites, mary janes, pattern stockings, bright flashy colors, go-go boots and contrast. I am very intrigued by fashion in general, so when I dipped into my usual studies of what the new trends are for this season, I was delighted to see MOD back on the runways. But if you are on a budget like me, you know it's difficult to find designer looking clothes for affordable prices. That's why I have made it my mission to bring unto you the INNEST of the In, stylest of the styles, and cheapest of designer names available. I guarentee that all products you will find on this page will ALWAYS be under $200 - which seems like a lot, but when you lay eyes upon these gorgeous pieces and their label, you'll dig it. I've searched long and hard to bring you only the cutest of this season's selection - and when it comes to fashion, I'm always up to date on what the buzz is. Trust me, I've done my homework! Through watching runway shows, visiting designer web-sites such as StellaMcCartney.com and Chanel.com, and studying the fashion bibles like Elle and Vogue, I can tell you what *to* wear and what *not* to wear. So let's see what this season has to offer...

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The Top Ten Fashion Finds
Here are eight of the hottest looks hitting the runways this Spring 2003. All items below were inspired by such designers as Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Chanel, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Prada and Fendi. We have found the top ten items that resemble those designer looks - but cost *much* less. Even if you have a minimal amount of cash to spend, there's something on this page within your price range. So if you feel like you've been bit by the ol' Fred Mertz bug, you don't have to pay big bucks to get something totally fab for this season. Buy only your favorite item, or go all out! Shopping is *fun* so have a blast.


*Striped Short Sleeved Top* ~ This candy cane classic has a sailor girl twist - picture cute triangular head scarves, with big white framed glasses on a boat dock, waving away your sailor sweetheart. With a cute built-in belt, who could resist?
Price: $26


*White Tie-Up Bustier* ~ This Marilyn Monroe inspired bustier is sexy, while at the same time, endearingly classy. It's feminine neckline and detailed embroidery give it a soft, sultry touch of glam. I think I'm in love.
Price: $62


*Wide-Brim Camel Hat* ~ Block out the sun, and bring on the fun, wearing this Pattie Boydesque top hat. Enough to jazz up the simplest of out-fits (or could even match sweetly with the bustier above!).
Price: $19


*Scarf Jeans* ~ Hippie hippie chic! Here's as close to authentic hippie wear as you're going to find, not coming from a second-hand store. The pale hues make it fresh and seasonal, plus, easy to pair up with a trendy peasant blouse. For the fashion queen in you.
Price: $69


 *Mod Boatneck Dress* ~ Not only does this black and white shift make a gorgeous addition to any mod girl's wardrobe, but it *wreaks* of Chanel exquisiteness. The 2003 Spring-Summer line up for this year has seen many black and white patterns, and this cute knock-off at fraction of the price, is well worth saving up for!
Price: $98


*Pinstriped Jeans* ~ A personal favorite of mine, pinstriped jeans are slimming *and* uber trendy. These pair have a little bit of fading to them, with a tie waste and bootleg cut. If you're looking for an easy mix-and-match pair of jeans, this versatile style is just for you!
Price: $39


*Paisley Blouse* ~ This one reminds me of something straight out of Apple Boutique. It has a colorful pattern and flowy fabric. A total attention grabber!
Price: $50


*Retro Flower Blouse* ~ 100% cotton, and cute as can be! Here's a neat find, fellow babies.

We *love* to inspire you! If you choose to buy one of our top ten picks, let us know! We're happy to help :)

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the labels above, nor am I a spokesperson or salesman. I am *not* selling any of the products above - they are available for purchase through the designer's own web-site. This page is not an advertisement, but rather a selection of items I find beautiful that you can buy at other sources. Thanks.