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Greetings, hola, my Gringos. I am Jorge Jose Rodriguez, the fat hippie guru...but you may call me Jorge. Welcome to my shrine of enlightment. You shall find me to be a worldly man, with an extensive knowledge of rich ethnicity and Mexican culture...okay, so I was born in Chicago. That is not the point! I've trained day and night to retain my status as honorary hippie guru...who is fat. Through many hours of meditation, LSD, Cheetos, and philosophical study, I have finally reached Nirvana - the ultimate state of tranquility. Thus now, I offer you a wisdom never sought before. The first and only WORDS OF ENLIGHTMENT BY JORGE JOSE RODRIGUEZ (the fat hippie guru):


* Life is like a box of Crunch Berries. Sure, you enjoy every one of those delicious berries but eventually once you've eaten them all, your stuck with the sh*tty yellow ones. Be strong. Swallow the little diablos and move on.
* Trying is the first step to failure. Those who never "gave it their best shot", never fell disappointed by failing. Think about it.
* Your body is God's temple...so feed it right. A healthy diet consisting of Cheetos, taco supremes, flan, mayonaise sanwiches, rocky road ice cream and a DIET COKE (just to play it safe and cut down on those calories), should suffice as a nutrious eating alternative.
* It ain't over til the WHOLE joint's been smoked.


* Drink responsibley (meaning avoid those high in fatty content dairy beverages and just stick with tequila, Mexican slammers, beer and rum).
* Polygamy is immoral...but wife-swapping is okay.
* Never settle for "boot-cut". Why eat nachos when you can have the whole el vete a la mierda burrito? Always buy your pants with an authetic bell-bottom; boot-cut just doesn't cut it.
* Live your life to the fullest, take stupid chances, and be the fat hippie guru you always knew you were. What can I say? There's a little bit of Jorge Jose Rodriguez inside AAAALLL of us (especially the ladies).
If you follow these life guidelines accordingly, you shall soon too, become one of us divines.


Your pathway to self discovery has now begun. This is your opportunity to ask Jorge any questions you may have. Ask him anything - he's a very intellectual Mexican. But keep in mind, he may only answer yes or no queries.


Your question:
Jorge says:

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Mexicans rule.