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Those Damn Dirty Apes!


"And the world was run by DAMN DIRTY APES!"

Welcome to the Planet of the Beatles - a rare, primitive species of sexy lads. A couple unknown facts about them include:
*The mating call can be heard all year round, when a Beatle seeks to find it's mate. "Ooga! Ooga!"
*When the winter season dawns, they often grow disgraceful facial hair in order to stay warm.
*Only four of those damn dirty apes are known to eixst. The Cute one calls himself Rafiki. The Sad one goes by Tumalumba. The Quiet one is called The Big Kahuna. And the loud, out-spoken Witty one is commonly known as Assholiose.
*Rafiki is the hairiest of the four.
*Tumalumba dislikes cheesie poofs and Britney Spears.
*The Big Kahuna bares the Penis of Truth and Enlightment.
*Assholiose has a drinking problem.
*Like mentioned before, breeding season...is all year round.
*These creatures may not be harmful, or dangerous but BEWARE THE PLANET OF THE BEATLES! The sexiness may be too overwhelming and hazardous to your health.
Here are some rare snapshots taken by daring photographers who ventured to this almost vacant planet. Enjoy and always remember the horney Ape chant: Ooga! Ooga!

A horney Rafiki spots his prey...

Assholiose takes responsibility for breaking wind.

Who dare question the Penis of Truth?

Rafiki enjoying the islands' janga.

..damn dirty ape...

Assholiose craves a beer...

The Big Kahuna has a staring contest w/ his nose.
...The Big Kahuna is winning...

Rafiki&Tumalumba search for the nearest whorehouse

Tumalumba, in his pimping jacket.

Ooga! Ooga! Ooga!